Fast, Flexible, Easy Time Tracking


Employees can punch in and out via the Website, mobile app, or any touch-tone telephone. Time can be tracked by customer, job, and task to ensure every minute is accounted for.


Multiple reports are available to understand how much time a job (aka project or work order) took, how long an employee worked, or when certain tasks are performed.


The dashboard allows easy management of everything in your account. Customers, employees, customers, jobs, tasks — everything can be managed from one simple interface.


We built BRIZBEE from the ground up to work with QuickBooks. Just match up your employees' names from QuickBooks and the Payroll and Service Items for each Task, and start exporting.


At only $40 per month, BRIZBEE is one of the most affordable time tracking solutions on the market. We don't charge extra for integrations or complicate your life with pricing plans or tiers.


Data is stored in the Microsoft Azure Cloud and is encrypted in trasit and at rest. All communications between your browser and our systems are encrypted.


Since BRIZBEE is an online Web application, there is no software to install or keep updated. Except, of course, for the QuickBooks Connector if you choose to export your timesheets to QuickBooks.

Built for Jobs and Tasks

We built BRIZBEE from the ground up for jobs-based businesses that want to track the time spent on individual components of a project or on specific tasks in an organization.

Bar Codes

Employees can punch in and out with barcodes on a Task Sheet to improve speed and accuracy.

Built for Jobs-Based and Projects-Based Businesses

Many businesses are projects-based or jobs-based where you can't actually pay your employees until you get paid (or at least know who owes you). For example, maybe you run a fabrication shop that needs to know what projects a machinist works on in order to bill your customers; or perhaps you run a housekeeping firm that needs to know how many hours a maid works for a customer in order to bill them. BRIZBEE was built for this purpose.

1 Create a Customer

Customers are just that - your customers. But you could also opt for a single customer - your business - if you are not a jobs-based business. For instance, retail shops, hair salons, and daycare centers, could all have their employees punch in for the same customer and job every day.

2 Add a Job

A job can be a project, a job, a work order, or any unit of work that your company performs for a customer. Jobs can be created easily in the dashboard.

3 Create Tasks

Tasks are the individual components of a project. For example, Traveling for a field technician, Framing for a construction worker, or Bathrooms for a hotel maid. Tasks can be created individually or they can be created from a template. For instance, maybe you do the same types of jobs everyday that have the same tasks like Traveling, Cleaning, and Installing.

We're Partners

We know every business is different. Every industry, every organization, and every department has unique processes and ways of tracking time for billing, payroll, and logistical purposes. That's why we're happy to offer guidance and advice to use BRIZBEE most efficiently. And if we find that BRIZBEE lacks the functionality you need, we'll either build the functionality or suggest a product that can deliver. Talk to us at