Fast, Flexible, Easy Time Tracking


Mobile Device Icon iOS, Android, Web, Touch-Tone Telephone

Punch in and out with the iOS and Android mobile apps, the Website, or any touch-tone telephone using the free BRIZBEE Hotline.

Exchange Data Icon Works with QuickBooks

Time matches up with your existing Payroll Items, Service Items, and Classes, Customers and Jobs, and Employees in QuickBooks. Integration works with QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, and Enterprise 2002 and newer.

Dollar Sign Icon Simple, All-Inclusive, Affordable Pricing

Pricing is based on number of users, not features. Every plan includes every feature of BRIZBEE. Learn More about Pricing

Open Source Initiative Icon No Vendor Lock-In

BRIZBEE is licensed under popular open source licenses. So, never worry about the service going belly-up or disappearing. Download the code and host your own copy for free.

Job Costing Icon Job Costing and Insights

Every punch and time card belongs to a task, project, and customer within BRIZBEE. See how time is spent on a project or task with reports.

Barcode Icon Speed Up with Barcodes

Use the mobile apps to punch in by scanning a barcode - nothing to remember and no typing means no mistakes.

Pie Chart Icon Comprehensive Dashboard

Edit or add your employees' time from the Web-based dashboard. Manage all of your customers, projects, and tasks from a single screen. Lock punches and populate rates from a simple, clean interface.

Padlock Icon Secure and Cloud-Hosted

Your data is stored in the Microsoft Azure Cloud and is encrypted in transit and at rest. All communications between your browser and our systems are encrypted.

Screenshot of Custom Barcode Value in BRIZBEE

Scan Barcodes without QuickBooks Enterprise

Save thousands by not upgrading to QuickBooks Enterprise, which is the only edition that allows you to store and scan barcodes for your inventory items.

BRIZBEE provides a custom barcode value for your synced inventory items so you can adjust inventory by scanning barcodes without QuickBooks Enterprise.

Your inventory adjustments can be synced back to QuickBooks Desktop. Works with QuickBooks Desktop 2018 and newer.

Logo of Open Source Initiative

No More Vendor Lock-In - BRIZBEE is Open Source

Almost all SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) on the Internet is proprietary and locked behind a business and monthly subscription. What if the business goes under? What if the software changes in a way you don't like? What if the pricing goes up?

The code for BRIZBEE is freely available for you to download and run on your own hardware - never worry about vendor lock-in again.

We're Partners

We know every business is different. Every industry, every organization, and every department has unique processes and ways of tracking time for billing, payroll, and logistical purposes. That's why we're happy to offer guidance and advice to use BRIZBEE most efficiently. And if we find that BRIZBEE lacks the functionality you need, we'll either build the functionality or suggest a product that can deliver. Talk to us at