Track Time from Anywhere

Multiple Methods for Tracking Time

User with Timeclock Icon Punch In and Out

  • Check Mark Icon Track start and end time down to the minute
  • Check Mark Icon Ideal for most situations
  • Check Mark Icon View the current location of employees
Screenshot of Punch In Dialog

Clipboard Icon Fill Out Time Cards

  • Check Mark Icon No specific start and end time
  • Check Mark Icon Only hours + minutes need to be recorded
  • Check Mark Icon Good for contractors and remote workers
Screenshot of Time Card Dialog

Image of Barcode

Scan a Barcode to Punch In or Change Tasks

Use the camera on your device to scan barcodes to punch in or changes tasks to reduce errors and speed up the process.

Multiple Sources for Employees to Track Time

Mobile Device Icon iOS and Android Apps

  • Check Mark Icon Punch in and out with barcodes
  • Check Mark Icon Add time cards easily
  • Check Mark Icon Record user location automatically

Telephone Icon Touch-Tone Telephone

  • Check Mark Icon Punch in and out with task number
  • Check Mark Icon Toll-free phone number works anywhere
  • Check Mark Icon Great for employees without cell service

Desktop Computer Icon Desktop and Mobile Web

  • Check Mark Icon Setup a kiosk on a tablet or PC
  • Check Mark Icon Record user location automatically
  • Check Mark Icon Great for remote workers using a browser

Screenshot of Populate Rates Dialog

Determine Rates Based on Hours Worked, Day of Week, Dates, and More

Sometimes you pay employees differently than you charge customers. Sometimes you have special rules for paying employees based on time of day or holidays.

Screenshot of BRIZBEE Integration Utility

Sync Time to QuickBooks Desktop Timesheets

Locked punches can be synced to QuickBooks Timesheets with the BRIZBEE Integration Utility. Works with QuickBooks 2018 and newer.