Record Inventory for Job Costing

Scanning a Barcode

Record Inventory Consumption on Mobile

Scan barcodes on packages and products using the camera on your iOS and Android device. Inventory adjustments are recorded in BRIZBEE and can be synced to QuickBooks Desktop at any time. Works with QuickBooks 2018 and newer.

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Sync Inventory Items from QuickBooks Desktop

Your inventory items in QuickBooks Desktop are synced to BRIZBEE along with the sales and purchase descriptions, sales price, purchase cost, manufacturer part number, barcode value, and other metadata. Works with QuickBooks Desktop 2018 and newer.

Screenshot of Custom Barcode Value in BRIZBEE

Scan Barcodes without QuickBooks Enterprise

Only QuickBooks Enterprise with Advanced Inventory (more than $2,000 per year) allows you to store barcode values for your inventory items.

BRIZBEE allows you to provide a custom barcode value for your synced inventory items and adjust inventory without QuickBooks Enterprise.

Reduce Inventory on Hand Your Preferred Way

Sales Receipt Icon Sales Receipt

  • Check Mark Icon Charge customer immediately
  • Check Mark Icon Record inventory consumption
  • Check Mark Icon Increases COGS, reduces inventory count

Inventory Adjustment Icon Inventory Adjustment

  • Check Mark Icon Charge later on separate invoice
  • Check Mark Icon Simple method to reduce inventory
  • Check Mark Icon Use when inventory value is not recorded

Custom Bill Icon Custom Bill with Offset

  • Check Mark Icon Bill customer on separate invoice
  • Check Mark Icon Records adjustment to inventory
  • Check Mark Icon Increases COGS, reduces inventory count